How to join the IGMETS Effort

Help us identify more marine ecological (biogeochemistry, plankton) time series:

A background goal of IGMETS is to build a metadata directory of all known ecological / biogeochemical / plankton time series efforts being pursued around the world.  The need for this directory is evident in the fact that a large number of time series and monitoring efforts are still only known through personal networks and research circles.  (With every new group of researchers we speak to we discover new sites!)  You can help IGMETS track down this missing time series efforts by providing information as simple as "talk to Dr. Johnson at Institute X", which can be one step closer to us making contact with that program.

Step 1:  Take a look at the IGMETS Metabase to see what we have identified so far.

Step 2:  If you know of a site that is not listed there, please contact us at [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ].


Participate in the global IGMETS analysis:

When data from multiple time-series are combined, regional and global variability can be examined via large spatial-scale analyses which can allow us to detect and interpret linkages between climate variability and ocean biogeochemistry.  The IGMETS study will be unique in its application of over 340 time series that will look at many levels change and interaction within marine ecosystems.  IGMETS will compare apples-to-apples, oranges-to-oranges, and then combine them  (with grapes and bananas) to compare fruit-to-fruit.

If you have (ideally five years or more of) any of the IGMETS Target Variables, your site can join us in this effort.