Data Guide (Submitting Data to IGMETS):

The IGMETS Analysis will include multiple different comparisons and inter-comparisons performed at a variety of spatial and temporal levels.  IGMETS has already identified a List of Target Variables that it intends to pursue in this first report effort. IGMETS will compare apples-to-apples, oranges-to-oranges, and then combine them all together (with bananas and grapes) to compare fruit-to-fruit.  A person contributing "apple" data would likely participate in multiple levels of aggregated studies.


Step 1:  What types of data should I send to IGMETS?

If you are wondering "Why do I need to send you data?  Can I not just provide figures or results?"  (click here)

Please take a minute to look at the List of Target Variables (click here)

If you do not sample some of these variables yourself, but another person in your institute or program does, please invite them (or send us their contact info so we can invite them) to the IGMETS effort.  Having a more-complete variable set within each site expands the types of IGMETS analyses that site can participate in.

If you have any concerns or questions about the safety of your data, please read the IGMETS Data Policy (click here).  The short answer is that we will not share it or give your data to anyone else. We are only using it for this Report.


Step 2:  What format do I need put the data into before sending it to IGMETS?

Please read through this page (click here) before you spend a lot of time cleaning up or reformatting your data. 

Our goal is to maximize the usability of your data while minimizing the effort you need in sending it to us.

Step 3:  Does IGMETS need any supporting documentation or information along with the data?

If you download, fill-out, and return the  IGMETS_contributor_metadata_table.xls (click here), most of our standard questions and supporting information requests will be satisfied.

If you have any sort of publication or documentation (in electronic form or citation) that describes your data, we encourage you to send that too.


Step 4:  What happens after IGMETS receives the data and information?

After we receive your data, we will process it into the IGMETS analysis system and you will receive a private link to review the results and data visualization before they become part of the main compilation. 

This preview step gives us a chance to correct any loading errors and also gives you a chance to investigate any anomalous or interesting results.


 For additional questions, please contact [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ].