Laura Lorenzoni (USF/IOCCP)

Todd O'Brien (NOAA/COPEPOD, Metabase and time series analysis coordinator)

Luis Valdés (IEO)

Kirsten Isensee (IOC-UNESCO)


Steering Committee and Coordinating Scientists:

Nicholas Bates (BIOS)

Antonio Bode (IEO)

James Cloern (USGS)

Mike Lomas (Bigelow)

Peter A. Thompson (CSIRO)

Frank Muller-Karger (USF/IMaRS)

Andrew Ross (Canada-DFO)

Peter Wiebe (WHOI)


Time Series Investigators and Participants:

200+ time series scientists


Collaborative Time Series Working Groups

ICES Working Group on Zooplankton Ecology (WGZE)

ICES Working Group on Phytoplankton & Microbial Ecology (WGPME)

SCOR WG137:  Global Patterns of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems (WG137)

SCOR WG125:  Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series (WG125)