When are things due for this Report?

aka:  "When do you need my data?  When will this be published?  When do I need to provide text or other written materials?"

 If you would prefer to see a table-based layout of key dates, scroll to the end of this page.


When do you need my data?

  1. First, please let us know as soon as possible if you intend to participate in the IGMETS study (ideally before 15-May-2014).
  2. Then, please submit your data by 30-June-2014.
  3. You are welcome to submit your earlier (and we would love you for it).

When will I see initial results for my data?

  1. We will be processing data as fast as we can and as soon as they arrive.  Individual results may be ready with a few days or a week after your data arrive.  With over 200 time series participating, we expect that our turn-around rate will slow down as the data submission deadline (above) nears.  These should all be available in the July/August time-frame.
  2. Initial multi-site and cross-regional analysis results will start appearing in the password-protect IGMETS web sections in September/October (2014).  IGMETS participants will be sent out access information when these become available.
  3. We intend to finalize all of the analysis and graphics by the first week of December (2014).

When are the chapter text and other written component due?

  1. Our goal is to circulate a fully assembled copy of the full report to the entire group in April of 2015.
  2. To accomplish #1, we hope to finalize all of the individual chapters by March of 2015.
  3. To accomplish #2, work on the chapter text will start in January of 2015.

When are the final, print-ready documents being submitted to IOC-UNESCO for publication?

  1. A ready-for-review (fully edited and graphically laid-out) copy of the report will be submitted to IOC-UNESCO for peer review in May of 2015.
  2. A print-ready/camera-ready copy of the final IGMETS report (including any editorial changes from peer review) will be submitted to the IOC-UNESCO printers by the end of June (2015).

When will the publication itself come out?

  1. The final published IGMETS report will be ready for presentation at the November 2015 UNESCO Congress in Paris.


IMPORTANT DATES (Table Version):

JUNE 2014 All data submissions due
July/August 2014 Individual site results available
September/October 2014 initial multi-site results previews
December 2014 Finalized multi-site results
January 2015 Assembling of chapter text begins (shared within chapter sub-groups)
March 2015 All Chapter texts finalized
April 2015 Compiled report (all chapters) shared with entire IGMETS group
May 2015 Fully edited/graphically-filled report sent for peer review
November 2015 IGMETS Report printed, ready, and presented to IOC-UNESCO Congress