How is IGMETS different from other similar efforts?

aka:  "How does this differ from [program x or program y] " and "Isn't [group x or group y] already doing this?"

How is IGMETS different?

  1. IGMETS is using only ship-based, in situ measurements.  [ We are not using glider or buoy data. ]
  2. IGMETS is focusing on biogeochemical and plankton time series variables.   We are only purusing "temperature, salinity, and oxygen" if and only when they are co-sampled with nutrients, carbon, or plankton elements.
  3. IGMETS is a global effort and is focusing on the full marine ecosystem array of biogeochemical and plankton time series elements.
  4. IGMETS is not serving data (it is not a database service).  Because IGMETS is not serving data, and because it has a very protective data policy, many countries and time series entities (that would otherwise not want to release their data) are happily participating in this global study.

How is IGMETS similar (and is it collaborating)?

  1. IGMETS is collaborating with the ICES Working Group on Zooplankton Ecology (WGZE), the ICES Working Group on Phytoplankton Ecology (WGPME), SCOR WG137 (global phytoplankton dynamics), and members of the old SCOR WG125 (global zooplankton time series) working groups.  ICES and SCOR partipants are also participating in IGMETS.