Report Chapter Layout

Below is a tentative layout of the report as we currently envision it.  In general, time series PI's are invited to participate in the regional chapter(s) most relevant to their time series locations and expertise.


Executive Summary / Introduction

Global Overview Chapter

Regional Chapters

  1. Arctic Chapter
  2. Atlantic Chapter
    1. North Atlantic section
    2. South Atlantic section
    3. Marginal Seas section
  3. Southern Ocean
  4. Indian Ocean and Marginal Seas Chapter
  5. Pacific Chapter
    1. North Pacific section
    2. Equatorial Pacific section
    3. South Pacific section
  6. Estuaries / Land-Ocean Interactions Chapter

Methodology Annex

Time Series Metadata Appendix

  1. Maps and Tables of Participants (by country, by variable, by time-series length)
  2. Individual Time Series introductions
    1. Single-site programs (e.g., BATS, OWS-P) will be given 1/3 of a page for standard-figures and write-up.
    2. Multi-site programs (e.g., Finland SYKE with 21+ stations) will be given a full page that includes a map of all sub-sites.

Note:  The small (1/3 page) write-ups are only for the printed publication Annex.  Longer descriptions and content are possible in the online summaries for each of the sites.